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Welcome to misfitsland!
An interactive Misfits community with competition.

You either will be assigned or can choose to be on one of five following teams: teamnathan, teamkelly, teamcurtis, teamsimon, or teamalisha. As a team, you will be competing for bragging rights by participating in a variety of challenges for point based awards.

Please read the rules and join here!
You will then get an invite this community and your team’s community. Each team moderator/captain is different, you can have discussions, re-watches, friending memes, games, etcetera.

Send a quick invite to your friends, as well!
01. Treat everyone with respect.
02. You must participate as your team depends on your points. Pease let one of the moderators know if you are going to be absent for one of the challenge(s) if you do not wish to be deleted for inactivity.
03. Friendly competition is encouraged! However, if you are either character or member bashing, points will be removed from your team.
04. The moderators reserve the right to delete members either for inactivity or inappropriate behaviour.
05. Sometimes, the moderators will participate in the challenges; however any points earned will be rewarded to the team currently in last place.

If something is unclear with you, please take it up with one of the mods.
01. Some challenges happen almost daily, whether within your team or in the misfitsland community. Pay attention!
02. If you have an idea for a challenge or would like to host one, please let one of the moderators know. Your team will be rewarded extra points for hosting a challenge.

There are many different ways to get rewarded with points. There will be trivia games, fanfic challenges, and a ton of other random stuff.
01. Points are awarded for participating and winning challenges.
02. Points awarded will differ from each challenge and they will be awarded after the challenge is finished.
03. Point totals will be updated on the misfitsland’s sidebar after every challenge closes.

We are currently not looking for moderators at the moment, please check back if you’re still interested.

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If you would like to become an affiliate with misfitsland, please send a personal message to xo_oldgreggory. We are currently only accepting any "land" communities and anything that is related to the Misfits show.

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